Slide Mani di Bacco, passion
for wine.
I loved the land since the very beginning, and its fruits and fermentation scents with it, and I love the feel of the skins through my fingers, which give aroma and colour to my wine. This is my job, this is what makes me so happy.
Journeys in taste,
from vine to wine.
Every vine tells a story, the sun and the land give us tastes and emotions different every year… Learn to know what our vines tell us, walk in the vineyard and don’t miss the little secrets it reveals.
and tradition,
with passion.
A soft harmony between tradition and experience, between older and new techniques, not to forget who we were and what we lived, and always improve and renew.

Now and then

Selecting territories and grapes since 1890 to reach our goal, but still today every day is a new discovery and a new challenge.

An amazing trip
in our wineyard

The symbolic moments of our work

Production phases

Time and experience mark quality

The grape harvest

Wine sayings…

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Something extra for your customers, serve Mani di Bacco.

My wines represent what I am, what my vines give me.
They are my story, my world. That is why they are unique.

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