The Cellar

In the vineyard the sky is the master

In the cellar, though, it’s my job to help the wine find the best conditions.
So I try to set the best environment so that the wine can be born,
enhance, and in the end reach its maxiumum expression.


How we do it

You’ll never hear me say “this is an old way”: the past is our cradle, the starting point. I’m always improving and experimenting, but I never lose sight of what history can teach me.


The Time

Why I love my job? Because making wine is about having patience, every process needs its time. The “rythm of wine” is what I try to go by, this is what I live every day.


The Project

In a glass of wine are years of work, dreams and sacrifices. I think the wine is the string of emotions through time: so let the taste invade your senses and then, after some time, sipping the same wine, you’ll be brought to the same experience again.